Bench Flix’s next flick ‘THISAIYRIYAAR’ is a tribute to all Foreign Contract workers

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The pride and popularity of the most renowned Short film promoter BENCH FLIX is growing up day by day by the release of various quality short films. Bench Flix is becoming as the hope of ray for all the unidentified young and talented creators. After introducing a bunch of such talents to Tamil film industry, Bench flix has now added two more Directors, Sundar and Gopi GPR to the list through their next short film ‘THISAIYARIYAAR’.

Many may think that the foreign contract workers lead a luxurious life with great income, but it is not the actual truth. We all know of people living in Dubai, Singapore, Australia, US and all across the world for making those small or big money.. But, have we thought of what they really miss? The 8 minutes short film THISAIARIYAAR will be an emotional episode of one of such stories.

Bench Flix’s next release ‘BANGAARU’ has a connect with Gold

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‘Bringing the unidentified young talented filmmakers to Limelight’ is the main motto of Bench Flix, which is considered to be one of the top notch Short film Promoters in India. They are introducing several budding talents to Tamil film industry who always thinks out-of-the-box. Bench Flix’s next finding is Director Shyam Sundar, who has come up with the short film called ‘BANGAARU’.

Bangaaru – Treasure of Gold, Tons and tons of it, Centuries old!! Well-hidden by the great rulers which cannot be identified, even there are clues left all over. Whether the city of treasure is revealed or not is the one line story of this 35 minutes short film ‘BANGAARU’.

Bench Flix’s next release is ‘KAYITHA’ (Donkey)


Short Films and Short Film creators are increasing day by day in Tamil Film Industry. Identifying those young talents and bringing them to the limelight with the technology wing and the media wing is the only motive of Bench Flix. By providing innovative media solutions to creative minds, Bench Flix is becoming one of the most prominent short film promoters in India. The next release of Bench Flix is ‘KAYITHA’, directed by Satizz Vijayan.

A father and son set out on a quest to see something very regular in the world. What they face in the end is something we surely wont expect. This is the one line story of 15 minutes short film ‘KAIYTHA’ aka ‘Donkey’.

The ‘TIPPEN BOX’ of a School boy, made by ‘Bench Flix’ is filled with Love and Emotions

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Delivering a powerful message in a short span of time is the beauty of Short films. The number of talented filmmakers and their creations are increasing day by day in Tamil film industry. Identifying them and bringing their unidentified creations to the lime light is the major task of a short film promotion company. In that case, India’s one of the best short film promoters – Bench Flix is doing their job in a clear cut way. Their next release is ‘TIPPEN BOX’ – Directed by Karthik Gopal.

Children are the greatest mankind can ever hope for – Pure, innocent & unadulterated. But the world can be cruel even to them, over something simple like a ‘Tippen Box’. This is the only line story of this 18 minutes short film ‘Tippen Box’.

Mobile phone has a strong connect with SATAN – reveals Bench Flix

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After releasing a volley of quality short films, Bench Flix, one of the most prominent Short film promoters in South India has now come up with a strong content called ‘SATAN’. Written and Directed by Vijay Subramanian, the 13 minutes short film ‘SATAN’ will portray the good and bad of the most powerful weapon – Mobile Phone.

What if the instrument of communication – a mobile phone, becomes an instrument of death. What if it fell in the hands of someone sinister – he becomes Satan